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Dear Readers I’ve been taking a break from social media this year and it has been great. Mostly. The downside has been no blogging. The earth has nearly completed another circuit around the sun. I’ve been doing bits and pieces of writing here and there. None here. The ageing process has carried on regardless and […]

She works hard for the money

What has all this to do with ageing, I hear you ask? Well,the shaming of the ‘the baby boomers’ is upon us. Articles are appearing along the lines of, and I am paraphrasing here, ‘There won’t be enough left because a silver tsunami of unmanageable old people; recipients of all that free education and that plentiful employment; hanging onto jobs, spending the inheritance (in my neck of the woods anyway) on Harley Davidson’s and Deadly Pony handbags, as we gleefully await Winnie’s Golden Ticket, so we can sit on our arses on the Waiheke ferry as we bleed the country dry’

Shine a light…

I am not ready to grow grey gracefully, or allow the hairs on my chin and legs to flourish. Not yet. And if you are, then I salute you. Please save me a seat. I’m talking about somewhere in-between the extremes. Buddhist teachers speak of the ‘middle path.’ as a way to tread lightly. This is not to be confused with ‘middle of the road’. I have never wanted to be ‘middle of the road’ and am not about to start now.